Podcast: What’s Up Next?

What's Up Next?

Welcome to the What’s Up Next Podcast, where Paul Thompson and Doc G take the discussion on topics in the financial independence movement to the next level.  Guest panelists share their opinions to questions that don’t have clear answers to help you refine your path to Financial Independence.

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What's Up Next?                             What's Up Next? 

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What's Up Next? Episode 1:The Joy and Pain of Real Estate featuring Coach Carson, Gwen, and Miss Mazuma.

Episode 2: Does income matter?  What’s the role of income in the path to financial independence? Featuring Peerless Money Mentor, Passive Income MD, She Picks Up Pennies, and Reaching For FI.

Episode 3

Episode 3: Can you become a financial coach featuring The Physician Philosopher, Whitney Hansen from The Money Nerds, Jamila Souffrant from Journey To Launch, and Justin from Root of Good.

Episode 4: How does physical health affect the path to early retirement and financial independence featuring Tanja Hester, Dragon Guy, and Dragon Gal.

Episode 5

Episode 5: How to raise financially responsible kids featuring Jane Collins, JL Collins, and Doug Nordman.

Episode 6

Episode 6: Will divorce devastate your path to financial independence?  Today we discuss this difficult topic with Lisa from Mad Money Monster, Kristen Edens, XRAYVSN, and JD Roth.

Episode 7:Are meetups, gatherings, and conferences worth it?  Today we discuss the importance of meeting in real life with PT Money, Fire Up The Couch, and Marla Taner

Episode 8: Are there generational differences in the path to financial independence?  Featuring  Cody BermanMrs. GroovyGrant Sabatier, and Accidental Fire.

What's Up Next?

Episode 9: Is college worth it?  We discuss the cost and quality of higher education with Physician on FIRE, Brad Barrett, and Wealth Well Done.

Episode 10: Why keep working?  We discuss the importance of work post financial independence with The White Coat Investor, Chief Mom Officer, and The Retirement Manifesto.

What's Up Next Podcast

Episode 11: Why comment, guest post, and participate in forums?  Today We discuss the importance of alternative forms of content production with Susan, Gasem, and Vagabond MD.

Episode 12

Episode 12: The why of The What’s Up Next Podcast featuring Paul Thompson and Doc G. Origin Story.

Episode 13

Episode 13: Will financial independence make you happy? Featuring Jillian Johnsrud from Montana Money Adventures, Stephen from The Good Life Guys, and Anthony Ongaro from Break The Twitch.

Episode 14

Episode 14: Should you monetize your blog or podcast? Featuring Pete Mcpherson from Do You Even Blog, Angela from Tread Lightly, Retire Early, and Lily from The Frugal Gene and Merry For Money.

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