The Rules Of FI Club

Rule 1:

You do not blog about FI club.

Rule 2:


Rule 3:

You do not outsource decisions regarding money.  You suck it up.  You spend a few hours a month reading.  And you learn what you need to know.  No one will manage your money better than you.

Rule 4:

You do not confuse speculation with investment.  Investment is paying a good price for an asset that has real value and holding it as it appreciates or throws off dividends.

Speculation is BitCoin.

Investment has an ultra long time horizon.  Speculation ultra short.

Rule 5:

You will not buy high and sell low, or buy low and sell high.  You will buy, buy, buy.  All the time.  As if you were the lyrics too a catchy NSync song.

Rule 6:

You will develop means of passive income.  Whether this be stocks, Real Estate, or some side hustle or other.  You will let your money do the heavy lifting for you.

Rule 7:

You will defer taxes.  To the last minute possible.  You will max out 401Ks/403Bs, pensions, and IRAs.  You will maximize HSAs, and learn about Roth conversion ladders.

Rule 8:

You will likely annoy your spouse, friends, and neighbors with your supreme financial savvy.  This is permitted.  Enjoy!

Rule 9:

If this is your first night at FI club, you have to track your finances.  You HAVE to click on an affiliate link to Personal Capital .




Doc G

A doctor who discovered the FI community but still struggling with RE.

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4 Responses

  1. Church says:

    Very nice list. There are so many pieces of advice out there for people, but you’ve hit on the main ones.

    Rule #8 is 100% a lock!

    • Doc G says:

      This was a last minute unplanned post. I thought it would be funny to play off fight club but be serious at the same time. Thanks for reading!

  2. Cashflowkat says:

    It is a funny riff on Fight Club, ha! And good advice too, nicely done!

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