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Because I am not your typical FI.  I grew up in a nice middle/upper class family.  I was afforded all the comfort I ever needed.  My father died when I was eight years old and left me his calling as a legacy.  So I became a physician.  My mom was an accountant and small business person, my stepfather a CEO of a healthcare company.

My childhood was magical.  While striving to get the grades necessary to embark on a medical education, my mother and stepfather also helped develop an interest in business.

My first business

Didn’t make it so far.  I bought a case of 12 and sold about 5 through the classified ads in a magazine.

Years later, my next business, buying and selling artwork:

Was a lot of fun.  I sold a few hundred thousand dollars worth of artwork the first year, made about $20k and hung another $10k around the house.

Growing up in families where real estate was the preferred asset class, my wife and I have dabbled and now find ourselves doing a lot of this:

Life got busy, I bought into a medical group, and learned about the benefits of the business asset class.  Eventually I left a partner and started my own concierge medical practice.  As of today, January 1st, 2018 I have closed down this practice and now continue providing medical care in nursing homes and hospice.

My attempts to retire early were met by various naysayers who told me that I needed 10 million or more to retire.  It was only after finding the FIRE community did I realize how ludicrous that number is. Although I am financially independent, the wall of fear has kept me from leaving work completely.  In fact, I am busier than ever with side hustles.  The difference is that now I only do that which is inherently pleasing.

I have blogged since 2008 in various forms about medicine.  I wrote two books and self published.

This blog serves to help me make more concrete my ideas about personal finance, reach out to this amazing community, and maybe one day generate some revenue.

Thank you for stopping by!