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February 2019 – Financial Residency
Financial Independence is a Tool for the Mind

December 2018 – ChooseFI
104 | Advice to my Younger Self | DiverseFI

December 2018 – ChooseFI
104R | Travel Rewards | End of Year Planning

December 2018 – Coach Carson
From Full-Time Physician to Half-Retirement at 45-Years-Old

December 2018 – The Middletons
Must You Have a High Income to Achieve Financial Independence?

November 2018 – The Good Life Guys
Achieving Financial Independence With

October 2018 – Doctors Unbound
Exploring the Mindspace of Financial Independence with Doc G of DiverseFI.com1

October 2018 – The White Coat Investor
Increasing Your Primary Care Income: An Interview with Doc G of DiverseFI – Podcast #75

October 2018 – FIRE Drill Podcast
The Emotional Aspects of FI | DiverseFI

October 2018 – The FI Show
CampF Takeaways

October 2018 – My Twenty Cents
FinCon 2018 Summary: Awesome Memories, New Friends, Great Fun!

October 2018 – Fly to FI
Camp FI South Recap

October 2018 – The Money Nerds
Accident Fire and How Much is Enough

September 2018 – Doctor Money Matters
Ep. 37 Doc G — Getting to 5X income as a primary care physician (part 1)

September 2018 – Doctor Money Matters
Ep 38. Doc G — part 2 getting to 5X income as an internist in a competitive market

July 2018 – Making Momentum
Momentum Series Interview – Doc G From DiverseFI: Personal Finance With A Twist

July 2018 – Side Hustle Scrubs
Side Hustle Sit Down: Doc G of DiverseFI

June 2018 – The Financial Diet
The 7 Personal Finance Articles We Loved This Week

May 2018 – Millionaires Unveiled
Net Worth of 6.5M – Doctor with a Life Changing Tesla

April 2018 – Life of FI Mind
10 Docs, 10 Questions, 10 Months: Doc G @

April 2018 – Physician on Fire
What is fatFIRE?

No Date – Richer Soul
Life, Death, Health, Wealth and Wisdom with Doc G

No Date – Fiology
Lesson 41: Who is your FI mentor?