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Hello and welcome back to .  Today we are proud to introduce a new format.  From time to time we will interview movers and shakers in the FIRE community.  These are respected individuals who have made  a splash in the personal finance world by using their own unique version of saving, investing, or entrepreneurship to extirpate themselves from the shackles of traditional employment and wrestle away from W2 dependence.

Our first guest needs no introduction.  Over the past few weeks he has exploded into our consciousness by producing quality content that he shares with tens of visitors a day on his blog.  His twitter account boasts at least 50 followers and his Facebook page is befriended by countless international individuals including a large fraction who type in Russian characters only.

I am speaking, of course, of none other than Doc G.

Doc G: Thank you.  Thank you for interviewing me.  Just wondering, how did you decide to make me your first interview for the blog?

DiverseFI: We felt you are the perfect embodiment of our readership (and pretty much the only reader!)

Doc G: OH,  OK.

DiverseFI: So tell us about your blog moniker.  Doc G.  Doe the Doc stand for Money Doctor, Doctor of Finance.  Is G for G Money, Money G?

Doc G: No.  I am a medical doctor and my last names starts with G.

DiverseFI: Um.  Alright.  So let’s start with the numbers.  What’s your net worth?

Doc G: One hundred million.

DiverseFI: One hundred million dollars?  Wow, that’s insane.

Doc G: No.  One hundred million pennies.  I always count in pennies.

DiverseFI: So how did you end up with 1 million, I mean, 100 million?

Doc G: Well I’ve got about $100, 000 in my 401K and the rest in home equity.

DiversFI: That’s quite a bit in home equity, how do you calculate it?

Doc G: I bought the house last year for $100,000 and put 10K down.  When calculating my net worth I figure how much the house will be worth when I sell at the end of my 50 year loan.  By then it should be worth at least $900,000 (or shall I say 90,000,000 pennies?)

DiverseFI: So how long have you been retired for?

DocG:  Let me see, since the age of 18 when I quit that job at Subway.

DiverseFI: Holy moly.  18.  You weren’t even a doctor yet.

DocG: Well you see, being a doctor is not technically a job.  It’s my passion.  Just like all those retired people who spend eighty hours a week on their blog and make six figures on it.  We are all retired.  Don’t you get it?

DiverseFI: Ok.  Let’s move on to our speed round.  Tell me about the best investment you have made in the last decade.

DocG: Oh.  That’s easy.  I just liquidated all my index funds and dumped the cash into BitCoin.

DiverseFI: Best life hack?

Doc G: Credit.  Leverage yourself with credit.  Pay minimums until you die.

DiverseFI: What life advice would you give to they young people who will likely never read your blog.

Doc G: I’d say, enjoy your youth.  Don’t worry about it now.  There’s always time to make it up later.  And don’t forget, you might just marry rich!

DiverseFi: Any last advice you would like to impart to our readers?

Doc G: Nope.  Just to say that you have a nice site here.  Your content is brilliant!

DiverseFi: Thanks.  And thank you to Doc G for being kind enough to be our first interview.

Doc G: Peace out!

Doc G

A doctor who discovered the FI community but still struggling with RE.

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  1. Ha ha. Very witty. I think you might have a split personality?

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